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We bring great bands to China. We work with great bands in China. We own and run www.juefestival.com and www.hei-tu.com music festivals. We love you.
We have sister companies: www.spla-t.com (music creative consultancy), www.scorched.asia (SE Asia talent booking agency), www.wooozy.cn (awesome Chinese language music community)
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"Sorry, I got that one wrong," says Jenny Gordon, who performs under the name of HMS Ginafore and has been cited by the band St Etienne as their favourite singer, as she nervously strums her guitar. It is a Saturday night in Anstruther’s Erskine Hall, where end-of-term art projects of primary school children decorate the high stone walls and a leaflet on the noticeboard gives details of mother and baby yoga classes, and the old hall is filled with 300 people who have come from all over Europe to attend Fence’s second annual festival. A few hours before her triumphant performance, HMS Ginafore was giving visitors a historical tour of Anstruther in her capacity as curator of the town’s fishing museum.

How the people of one small Scots fishing village launched their own record label - and became a global phenomenon.

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