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We bring great bands to China. We work with great bands in China. We own and run www.juefestival.com and www.hei-tu.com music festivals. We love you.
We have sister companies: www.spla-t.com (music creative consultancy), www.scorched.asia (SE Asia talent booking agency), www.wooozy.cn (awesome Chinese language music community)
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#NGUZUNGUZU is our next #Wooozy Offline headline DJ! #Shanghai #Shelter www.wooozy.cn


So, I like to plan ahead…not overly so (as I’m sure my gf Lucy will no doubt testify) but certainly enough not to be disorganised! And from the success of last year’s We Are Shanghai comp, I kind of want to try to get things moving, just a little bit, so we can have an idea of what may feature on…

You got a band? You got decent tunes? You part of the music community? Get your stuff over to ScottishMike - early stages of the We Are Shanghai Compilation CD underway!

REVEALED: featured artists NGUZUNGUZUUntold and LONE. come to China for the next leg of the Wooozy Offline series, continuing in Autumn! Who’s buzzing?


Another great video from the good folks at Live Circus, mainly the gawd Alessio Avezzano.

You might remember his work from the Round Eye “Suntan” video a couple weeks back. Now comes this one, the full set from Friend or Foe's last show ever, back on June 20th at Yuyintang.

DJ sleepless hits the decks!! @390 bar

TONIGHT, FREE, EXCLUSIVE COCKTAIL FROM MIXOLOGIST SACCO #Wooozy #Offline 3 Residents night @390 Bar Panyu Lu #Shanghai

During JUE | Music + Art Festival 2014 ConRank and Blak Twang put on some amazing shows across Beijing and Shanghai, along with workshops and even a drop-in to the Split Works after party. They managed to lock in some studio time amongst everything else, and this is the result! Pretty badass…

Alright cracker Jack? Got some scribbles out on WeChat including an interview with 390 Bar’s main man Sacco. @splitworks 

#Beijing office just got hold of this…thanks #Beijing!!! :p #CityWeekend

Long days, more time to skate…any more suggestions?
Keep it reeAL

So, if you were a DJ (or maybe you’ve just got yourself some decks) what would you call yourself? It’s a tricky question, and to help you out we’re gonna pass you on some tips we got from our friends:

DJ Samey

Don’t copy other DJs! It will confuse people and make you look like you lack imagination. Nobody will trust you – remember that time you bought a ‘miPhone’ thinking it was a good deal? 5 days later the screen fell off. Same thing! Once you have some cool ideas, search online for other DJs to make sure you’re not copying.

Examples: Deadmoo5e | DJ Deep9 | DJ Dauggy | DJ ConFrank

DJ X-rated

Do we need to explain this to you? Boss won’t let us use naughty words so use your imagination.

DJ Unpronounceable

If people can’t say your name, they probably can’t spell it. And if they can’t spell it, they can’t search for your tunes, your Soundcloud, or embarrassing party pics. But the choice is yours.

Examples: DJ Phrodidgia | DJ Zdenkska (Polish?) | DJ Schlooue | DJ Bauwdy Dauwg

DJ Grow Up Already

You never know where music will take you. Pick a name you’ll be proud to flaunt late into your career – at 20 your name might be really cool but if you’re still gigging at 40 how will you feel?

Examples: DJ Pikachu | DJ Short n’ Thin | DJ RebelRebel | DJ 3G |

DJ Pop

If you don’t want to become dated, don’t give yourself a name that will likely become dated. DJ names based on pop culture – TV shows, movies, other stars etc will make you seem super old to new, younger fans as your career progresses.

Examples: DJ BigBang | DJ 人人 | DJ Dragonball |

Why not come along on Friday and ask some of the Wooozy resident DJs for some tips?

Street teamin’ it up yo!! Gotta hustle to rustle

Comic #4 DJ Doggy looking bad ass. Thanks Auwg Dauwg for supporting #Wooozy #Offline #4 It’s on THIS FRIDAY, @ #390 #FREE entry :p

Hope Wooozy.cn get around to screening this some day! 

Don’t forget the latest project from Wooozy.cn Wooozy Offline - there will be a final residents night on Friday @ 390 Bar before things wind down for the Summer. Back in Autumn!


Wooozy Offline #3: Residents Night
Date: 2014.7.18 Friday
Time: 9pm 
Venue: 390 Bar
Price: FREE



Dj Doggy

dj sleepless