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Got some pics through of the Wooozy Offline resident DJs :)

The Shanghai Symphony Orchestra and Split Works present Contemporale, a concert series that will see globally renowned contemporary artists play the intimate chamber of the Shanghai Symphony Concert Hall!


We know what you’re thinking: this is waaay out there. 

Featured artists include Moonface, the alter-ego of Spencer Krug (Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown) who will bring his anguished vocals and delicate piano accompaniment for the first concert in September. Erased Tapes/Unseen Worlds’ Lubomyr Melnyk follows on in October – we’re talking the pioneer of the continuous piano technique. In November the venue will host the liquid molasses baritone of Bill Callahan (of Smog fame), and the series culminates in the ambient soundscapes of Eluvium, after which we wrap up for Christmas.

Presales go live in August - keep an eye on our Facebook and website for more!

Now THIS is how you rock a festival!!!



A year ago roughly I was gearing up for the preparations for Girls Like Mystery's CD release show - now it gives me pleasure to do the same for XXYY, when we finally bring out our album PM二百五 (PM250) a year to the day of the former, Sat September 13th. As you’ll be able to see from the…

New album from XXYY teased, look out for the release show in Sep!

SNEAK PEAK got another exciting announcement coming up. Never done anything like this before…Keep in the loop @SplitWorks #concert #series #Smog #Shanghai #Beijing #Piano #Orchestra

Crackin’ new mix from #NGUZUNGUZU! You’ve got #Kelela, #BokBok, #Kingdom, and other juicy collabs. One of their best yet!

Listen to the full playlist on Xiami! In this article we walk you through the first 5 featured tracks.

We’ve pushed the button for summer holiday mode. Whether your journey is from Earth to Mars, from America to the Sarajavo or from Tianjin to Lhasa, make sure you have your passport, wallet, and tickets, but most importantly: please don’t forget the music for you and your company on the tour.

This playlist highlights electronic, neo-classical and ambient genres. Each track left me with a deep impression when I travelled and as I listen again to each song, my memory is refreshed with scenes created by the music.

1. Air - Universal Travelers

The famous French pop electronic band Air released the album Talkie Walkie in 2004, becoming a favorite for countless fans. I reviewed this album during a trip to Japan. The relaxing melody twinkled with a romantic dreamy color, coincidently corresponding with the typical restrained and clean temperament of Japan and the green landscape at that moment.

"Universal Traveler" could be an official theme song for tourism. When you take a little silver plane and overlook the white sea surface reflecting the light spot, your heart will fly to a place "so far, so far away" like the song describes. The other songs from this album complement the journey as well. Like the one "Run, Surfing on the Rocket", it turns you on just hearing the name. "Alone in Kyoto" is included in the soundtrack for the film Lost in Translation. This song accompanies the leading female character on her trip to Kyoto, seeing ancient temples, the falling sakura petals with a bashful smile of a bride’s face.

2. The Chemical Brothers - Escape Velocity

Escape is found in the seventh album Further, from British Electronic band The Chemical Brothers. This track is a necessary for train traveling. Whether you take the Eurostar for appreciating that beautiful cloudy sky, or take a high speed train to visit surreal villages in China, this 12-minute song will definitely transfer your anxiety into ecstasy, by means of its powerful drumbeat and plump melody, like a roller coaster riding. Let’s get hyper.

3. Boards of Canada - Dayvan Cowboy

Going to Scandinavia? Iceland? Tibet or the Himalayas? Anyway, if you like a solitary place with high altitude and freezing weather, music from Boards of Canada is an essential. This Scottish sibling band is the leading role from Warp the well-known Experimental Electronic Records. Their music temperament originates from doom detachment, exceptional glory, and romanticism that touches your heart. The tranquil and extensive “Dayvan Cowboy” comes from their debut album Music Has the Right to Children. Facing broad swamps and prairies, marvelous jungles and starry skies, observing the planet’s boundaries, nothing can compare with this kind of music when you keep in touch with the wild eternal nature.

4. Max Richter - Shadow Journey

Once the flight lands in a remote town, I catch a cab to downtown. The farmland and the village is in total darkness except lights from traffic. I played this song unintentionally. The typewriter’s sound draws an icy female monologue. It is dawn from Czesiaw Miiosz.

How enduring, how we need durability.

The sky before sunrise is soaked with light.


The bygone lives are like my own past life, uncertain.

I cast a spell on the city asking it to last.

The melancholy violin tears abruptly into the darkness. The sudden drumbeat is depressing and bizarre. Coupled with mystery,this travel is full of shadow. However, the hanging heart expects something more.This song comes from album the Blue Notebooks, whose author is Minimalism master and post-modern representative Max Richter. The album inspiration arises from the Czech author, Kafka’s, The Blue Octavo Notebooks.The monologue is read by actress Tilda Swinton, extracted from Kafka and Miiosz’s works respectively.

5. Julia Holter - Hello Stranger

Strange detachment and sobering loneliness is expected during every journey. It’s a damp summer evening. You walk on a street in an unfamiliar city tipsily. You encounter someone unexpectedly. Maybe it’s no more than an eye contact and a friendly smile, however, it hit you without notice. This fleeting feeling. But hello stranger, you whisper. “Hello Stranger” comes from singer-songwriter Julia Holter’s album Loud City Sound released last year. She captured the common urban joy and anxiety, making use of abundant instrument improvison and experimental dramatic arrangement. This song is a cover of Barbara Lewis’ 1963 version. Differing from the original edition, Julia’s dreamlike and intangible voice, plus dissociative composing, adds uncanny and magnificent colors to this song.

This week’s playlist is brought to you by Split Work’s DJ Doris in Beijing. She’s a pure goddess just coming back from a journey. Likes: “I never have normal fun!” DJ Doris is never late to a meal. Quirks: You might at first think she’s an “S” but really she’s definitely an “M” (“Bite me!”).

The latest mix from @LiveBeijingMusic blog, NOICE!


Go check out Nonplus of Color at XP, Beijing tomorrow! Our intern will be slappin’ da bass!

#NGUZUNGUZU is our next #Wooozy Offline headline DJ! #Shanghai #Shelter www.wooozy.cn


So, I like to plan ahead…not overly so (as I’m sure my gf Lucy will no doubt testify) but certainly enough not to be disorganised! And from the success of last year’s We Are Shanghai comp, I kind of want to try to get things moving, just a little bit, so we can have an idea of what may feature on…

You got a band? You got decent tunes? You part of the music community? Get your stuff over to ScottishMike - early stages of the We Are Shanghai Compilation CD underway!

REVEALED: featured artists NGUZUNGUZUUntold and LONE. come to China for the next leg of the Wooozy Offline series, continuing in Autumn! Who’s buzzing?


Another great video from the good folks at Live Circus, mainly the gawd Alessio Avezzano.

You might remember his work from the Round Eye “Suntan” video a couple weeks back. Now comes this one, the full set from Friend or Foe's last show ever, back on June 20th at Yuyintang.

DJ sleepless hits the decks!! @390 bar